As a charity, Oxford Archaeology strives to share and further archaeological knowledge and, by connecting people with their past, deliver social value. For this reason, it is important that we have a dedicated platform where our work and research are accessible to academics, researchers, the public, people with a passion for archaeology or a strong interest in local history. 

Oxford Archaeology’s innovative Knowledge Hub sets us apart from other archaeological organisations. It shows our expertise across a wide range of landscapes, geographical areas, site types and specialisms. Its creation in our 50th year reflects Oxford Archaeology’s standing as a national leader in archaeological publication, research, and public engagement. 

This new interactive hub seeks to reach all of our target audiences in an interesting and accessible way. The hub includes a searchable map of our sites and projects in the UK and abroad, which can be explored by date, theme and location. 

The key elements focus on publication, technical reports for clients (via the OA Library), providing access to our digital archives, summaries of research projects, community engagement and a virtual museum. These include Storymaps which give interactive information about selected projects.