The nature of our archaeological work is very varied and requires many different specialisms and a wide range of skills that go beyond the fieldwork that is most commonly associated with archaeology. This blog collection will showcase all the specialists at OA and the work they do to ensure our heritage is understood and preserved for future generations. 

Our specialists and departments guide projects from inception to completion. Our Heritage Management Services team identifies and assesses any archaeological or heritage elements that may be affected by a project. 

The fieldwork stage can involve experts in buildings archaeology, geomatics, and geoarchaeologists, as well as our field archaeologists. Once our field teams have gathered and documented all archaeological findings, this information is handed over to our specialists for further research, analysis, and documentation. This includes our Heritage Burials team of osteoarchaeologists, experts in finds and environmental archaeology covering various historical periods and evidence types, as well as skilled illustrators and graphics professionals.

In the final stage of each project, our post-excavation experts compile all the collected evidence, data, and research into a comprehensive report or publication. Subsequently, this material is entrusted to our archive team, who ensure that this valuable knowledge is deposited with the appropriate authorities for future research purposes.

We hope you will enjoy meeting the OA team and their work through this blog.