As a new week begins and brings in a flaming sky with it, our investigation into the historic past at Aston commences by hand.

The machine has finished removing the layers of topsoil and subsoil, revealing our site in plan. This means we can see the archaeology, such as ditches and pits, as outlines in the ground - a difference in colour and texture to indicate that human activity is potentially present. What we have found so far has already brought into being many questions about what activities took place here so many years ago.

Fortunately, what we have uncovered so far includes a wonderful array of pottery fragments. These are crucial in helping us to not only identify the activities which took place and provide an insight into daily life, but also the period of history we are delving in to. Our pottery specialists will be looking at these shortly and we hope to provide further information on them soon.

With questions needing answering, and answers yet to be found, our archaeologists will now use their skills and experience to try and understand this glimpse into the historic narrative here at Aston; through a hand excavation methodology using our shovels, trowels and mattocks. Will we find the answers we seek, or will we find yet more questions?

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