Darkness encroaches with the fading light and with it our archaeologists are packing up their tools, frantically scribbling down their last notes, and preparing for the next stage of works for this project. The hand excavation of this site has come to an end. We have uncovered an immense quantity of artefacts for such a small site, and we have investigated many of the pits, ditches and a building outlined at the start of our works. Our archaeologists have gathered all the information to understand this site. Now we move on to analyse this information!

Our post-excavation process involves a detailed analysis and recording of the soil samples collected, the artefacts recovered such as the multitudes of pottery sherds, and further research into the characterisation of this site and its wider implications within the history of the area. Though we will no longer be on site, the work and investigation continues.

It is exciting to think about what will be discovered further within this next step of the archaeological process!

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