Why archaeology matters

The physical remains of the past hold our shared story. Understanding what came before us creates a sense of place and identity which can inform and enrich our lives today. This is recognised in the UK's planning process, which seeks to strengthen local economies, support communities, and protect and enhance our environment through consideration of archaeology and heritage in development. Through our investigations, we help to physically and digitally preserve the past and ensure it is accessible to everyone now and forever.

School visit on an archaeological excavation

Project feed

Every week our teams of archaeologists are uncovering interesting finds across the country. Whether it is an artefact or an ecofact, each piece of evidence helps us build a more detailed picture of the past. 

Join us in an exciting journey of discovery through our Project Feed.


Clem is at the Begbroke Science Park, South East region


Our Community Archaeology Manager, Clem Cooper, took part in the Science Wonder garden party hosted by the University of Oxford at their new Science Park in Begbroke. Clem showed some of our finds from Begbroke and nearby areas and talked about OA's work in and around Oxford. 

Clem with a stall to showcase finds
An illustration drawing outline of people
Portrait of Adrienne Powell

Adrienne is analysing a whale bone fragment in our South West region


This specimen might look like wood but is actually a fragment of bone from a large species of whale! 

It was found in the bottom of a mid-late Iron Age ditch at Fiddington, near Tewkesbury, and is one of the few known cetacean finds from this period in southern England. It is also one of only two examples found in a site not right on the coast.


A fragment of whale bone from an Iron Age site
An illustration drawing of an acorn attached to a leaf.