We are heading into the final weekend of our keyhole excavations in Little Asby! We had a full and brilliant team today, as well as a visit from Jamie and the drone, and once again the glorious sunshine smiled upon us, such good luck!

We are currently getting on with excavations in trenches 14, 15 and 16 in survey area 4 which focus on cairns and co-axial boundaries. In the trench over the cairn they Perry, Richard and Linda started the day by taking photogrammetry of the cairn in its cleaned up state before "digging in" and removing the stones from the cairn in the quadrant they have strung out. The aim of this is to create sections that will show the construction of the cairn as well as discover if there may be dating evidence or finds below to tell us when the cairn was constructed.

In the two trenches focused on banks of co-axial boundaries Unity, Alison and Liz in their trench were working to clean down onto the material that has been used to construct the bank again looking for finds or any dating evidence we may find. By the end of the day they had strung out their section to begin a slot through the material. There were lots of interesting fossils in the limestone both in this trench and the one up the hill and some geologists from Bristol happened to stop by who were on the hunt for them!

Andy discusses the outcome of the the lower trench across the co-axial boundary


In the other trench higher up the slope Asterid, Brian and Cecilia were working hard to get through the tough roots that had worked their way down into their section of the bank working to expose the limestone and show how the bank has survived.

Astrid gets down and dirty in the upper Co-axial trench


Meanwhile Katie and James went over to explore a new area (Area 4a) which consisted of enclosures and a possible roundhouse. They opened up a new trench over the wall of one of these structures, it was tough to de-turf and clean due to the roots clinging to all the rocks but after it was exposed it looked very much like some of the structure has survived. Fingers crossed tomorrows work on this area brings with it a beautiful roundhouse wall, dating material and dare I say it? Maybe even a find!

The trench across the round house in Area 4a