Day 3 of our excavations on the longhouse and we have moved on to our first stage of recording and extending our most southerly trench. Blessed again with sunshine all day, after a gloomy forecast of rain and clouds.

In Trench A Liz and Linda were joined by Bob and they collectively finished off their initial trench clean ready to photograph and start to plan draw the trench. Andy gave a demonstration of how to produce archaeological standard photographs to all and then Trenches A and B conducted their own photographic records.

In Trench B Perry, Keith and Jane also finished their initial clean in the morning with Perry finding a piece of bone in the topsoil. They then moved onto plan drawing, which some of our team had already learned the basics of at our skills day in Little Asby. Andy gave a training session on planning to the teams and in teams of three they braved the complex task of recording lots of stones!

Time for the all important drawing of the plan after the trench has been photographed
The sunshine definitely helps with the drawn elements of the recording process 

Meanwhile in Trench C, Simon was joined by Unity and Linda and they set to work on extending the trench which initially contained a portion of the northern wall and now extends over the entire corner of the structure. Unity and Simon then set to work putting a slot through the deposits which survive on the interior, a rarity in this land of limestone pavement! This will hopefully reveal some surviving surface within the building with which we can date the structure or maybe even discover some artefacts which have survived the erosion.

Simon, Unity and Linda hard at work extending Trench C and investigating the surviving deposits within

Tomorrow is forecast thunder and lightening so wish us luck!