• 75

    miles of road analysed and excavated in the last 5 years

  • 5000

    items available in our library

  • 15000

    burials excavated in the last 5 years

  • 325

    archives deposited with museums in the last 5 years

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Every week our teams of archaeologists are uncovering interesting finds across the country. Whether it is an artefact or an ecofact, each piece of evidence helps us build a more detailed picture of the past. 

Join us in an exciting journey of discovery.

Portrait of Gerry Thacker

Gerry is surveying in our South England region


An aerial shot of our site in Oxfordshire, showing a series of roundhouses and possible enclosures.


An aerial drone image of roundhouses and enclosure features visible in a field
An illustration drawing of a hill with a horse chalk figure
Profile photo of Sam Corke

Sam is sharing our findings with the public


Had a fun day chatting to local communities about our excavations nearby as part of a Heritage Open Day in St Neots.

Sam chats to a young adult and parent around a table of artefacts at an open day event in a school hall.
An illustration drawing outline of people
Profile photo of Matt Edwards

Matt is digging in our East England region


A little birdy told me that - this is a little birdy. A (mostly) intact bird skull found near the bottom of my pit. It was within soil that had collapsed in, so it’s unlikely that it was discarded as rubbish.

A close up of an archaeologists gloved hands holding a bird skull
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