Archaeology is a physically demanding job – outside for eight hours a day, five days a week, all year round.  We work through all weather.  But it’s also an incredibly satisfying job.  We enjoy the simple things on site each day: a good cup of tea and biscuits…a lot of biscuits!

Out on the Bury site, we currently have a team of 20 archaeologists toiling away, digging and recording the archaeological remains.  In the coming weeks, as well as updates about the exciting finds we’re uncovering on site, we’ll also be introducing you to a few more members of the team.  But for now, here’s a photo montage of our people in action.  Enjoy!

Smiling archaeologist digging a slot in a feature.

Freya digging a sunken-feature building.

Archaeologist in an orange fleece holding a round metal disc pierced by two holes.

Gina and a metal find she discovered.

Archaeologist preparing to start excavating a sunken-feature building.

Jim about to start work on a sunken-feature building.

Laura and her burnt flint pit

Laura and her burnt flint pit.

Greg with the spindlewhorl he found

Greg and the spindlewhorl he found.

James about to set to work trowelling

James about to set to work trowelling.

Matt very much enjoying digging the barrow.

Matt very much enjoying digging the barrow.