Enhancing and delivering the social value of your project

Oxford Archaeology can provide valuable additional benefits to your project. We routinely work with our clients to help you meet your planning requirements, social value targets and corporate social responsibility goals in an efficient, effective and proportionate way.

We can help you to mitigate risks, develop and maintain trust and open communication with your stakeholders and create positive associations that will last beyond the delivery phase. We have seen how engaging with archaeology can bring communities together, increase individual wellbeing and aspirations, and create unique and attractive places to live, work and visit.   

Whether as part of large infrastructure schemes or smaller housing developments, we have considerable experience of fulfilling planning requirements for public engagement. We work with our clients to produce and deliver social value strategies, and to measure and report the outcomes in line with social value frameworks, including National TOMs.  

Oxford Archaeology employs dedicated community and communications staff who can work with you to maximise the opportunities from your project to inform and engage your stakeholders and make a difference to the individuals and community local to where you operate. 

Archaeologist being recorded for Digging for Britain

Heritage is the gift that keeps on giving as it consistently engages people in the process: from marketing, public relations, placemaking, through to school and community engagement. The rich tapestry of stories, finds and information from archaeology is a fundamental part of how we put heart and soul into our new communities.  

Rebecca Britton​ - Regional Director for Communications, Communities and Partnerships at Urban&Civic

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