At the south-western end of the site Trench A is nearing completion. We have now explored the construction of both the enclosure wall and the end wall of the longhouse and confirmed that the former was indeed built first. In addition, we have identified a probable floor level and retrieved our only two pieces of pottery from this trench. Linda, our lone survivor in trench A has been investigating a possible feature in the western corner but tomorrow should see recording completed and the closure of this trench.

Linda and Hannah in Trench A


Trench B, our possible entrance has been backfilled and re-turfed, while in trench C our sondage has been completed and sections have cut through the wall in two places. If time allows we may better define this wall with the removal of more of the rubble spread but for now we have Perry and Keith carefully investigating the exterior of the longhouse and Jacquie and Hillary looking at the interior. While the chance of features associated with the longhouse phase remains we are equally interested in any more evidence of the prehistoric phase.

Keith looking for features on the exterior of the longhouse
Overall view of Trench A looking east

Trench D is also all but complete, although we may excavate some of the grikes or fissures between the limestone bedrock. Other excavations on limestone outcrops in the region have revealed the deliberate deposition of flint and other stone tools within the grikes and with the identification of our Neolithic axe yesterday it raises the possibility that the same has been done here.

Meanwhile, progress has continued within the extension to Trench E, with James, Rebecca and Alison completing the initial clean up by lunch time and pre-excavation recording begun. Much work remains to be done in this trench in the time remaining and tomorrow work will begin on the removal of rubble from the possible entrance.

This afternoon excavation was completed in Trench F, our prehistoric outpost trench to the north. Thanks to the work of Helen and Alan over the last two days and prior to that Roger, Liz and Andrew, a real team effort which will continue tomorrow for some lucky person to inherit with the recording of this section through our Bronze Age enclosure boundary.

Lastly Katie and Andy broke ground on our latest, and probably final trench, Trench G, which will investigate a possible wall projecting at right angles from the north-western wall of the longhouse and examine the interior of the enclosure. Deturfing will be completed on this trench tomorrow morning ready for its clean up.

A frog, reluctant to leave during deturfing in Trench G