The end is now nigh at the Little Asby Community Dig and we saw our first frost on the ground on our journey into site.  The sun was shining on us today although a bitter breeze was blowing.  As everyone arrived we all made our way up to site.

Simon, Andrew, Linda and Hilary headed to Trench G to continue on from the students yesterday.  This trench is located to investigate a protrusion from the longhouse that was identified during survey as a potential structure. The day was spent cleaning back but sadly there was no apparent evidence of any man made feature although there were some fragments of chert and flint. After cleaning the trench was then recorded via photogrammetry ready for closing and backfilling tomorrow.

Linda and Hilary completing the photogrammic record of Trench G

A couple of the trenches were closed down today and backfilled. Katie completed all the final recording and checks for Trench A and D and then these were both backfilled.

Backfilling of Trench A and D nearly complete and ready for the turf to be replaced

In Trench E, James, Louise and Linda finished off the slot through the enclosure wall where they manage to find some possible worked flint. Once this was completed and cleaned they proceeded to record the south-west facing section.

The team hard at work finishing off the slot in Trench E
James photographing the south-west facing section

Perry continued to work on the possible feature within the north-eastern end of Trench C. He managed to complete this today and then recorded the exposed section.  Sadly the results are inconclusive at this time as to what the purpose of the feature may be.  Kubiena samples, which are sampling tins used for the removal of undisturbed blocks of sediment from a section, have also been taken inside and outside of the longhouse for specialist analysis.

Perry recording the possible feature within Trench C

Well as we now move into the last day at Little Asby Community Dig I leave you with the lovely view that greeted us as we walked down the hill leaving site today.