Archaeological investigations first began along the south-eastern edge of Bury St Edmonds some 10 years ago, with an initial geophysical survey across the field as well as several on the north side of the River Lark. This was followed by two phases of evaluation (in 2014 and 2022).  These early phases of work identified an intensively utilised landscape, with evidence for Early Mesolithic in situ flint working, Neolithic and Bronze Age pits, a Bronze Age barrow/burial monument and a substantial Anglo-Saxon settlement.

Oxford Archaeology’s Cambridge office have recently started work on a new 8-hectare excavation in Abbot’s Vale, ahead of the site’s redevelopment for residential housing, working on behalf of RPS Consulting for Hopkins Homes.

The site is situated adjacent to the River Lark, and it looks like the course of this river once upon a time ran through the site, so we’re also going to be doing a bit of work investigating that.

Overall, we’re looking forward to uncovering an exciting variety of archaeological remains and learning more about how people of the past utilised and lived in this fascinating landscape.

An aerial view of Abbot's Vale, a green heart-shaped field showing places of trenches.

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