Why archaeology matters

The physical remains of the past hold our shared story. Understanding what came before us creates a sense of place and identity which can inform and enrich our lives today. This is recognised in the UK's planning process, which seeks to strengthen local economies, support communities, and protect and enhance our environment through consideration of archaeology and heritage in development. Through our investigations, we help to physically and digitally preserve the past and ensure it is accessible to everyone now and forever.

School visit on an archaeological excavation

Project feed

Every week our teams of archaeologists are uncovering interesting finds across the country. Whether it is an artefact or an ecofact, each piece of evidence helps us build a more detailed picture of the past. 

Join us in an exciting journey of discovery through our Project Feed.

Dom Rossi selfie

Dom is surveying in our South East region 


One of the advantages of carrying out surveys is the opportunity to discover new places, as for instance the Trundle hillfort, a hidden treasure in West Sussex. Upon reaching this site, visitors are rewarded with awe-inspiring panoramic views.

Surveying of the Trundle hillfort in Sussex
An illustration drawing of a hill with a horse chalk figure
Profile image of Charlotte Bishop

Charlotte is sharing our findings with the public


Myself, Kirsty and Anni from Oxford created a presentation and showcase on our findings from a Medieval site in Aston. A great turn out by the public and local historical society. 

A female archaeologist delivers a PowerPoint presentation on an excavation site.
An illustration drawing outline of people