We offer clients a full suite of services in the recovery, processing, assessment and analysis of artefacts. Our large team of respected and experienced finds specialists provides a comprehensive range of expertise in artefacts of different types from all periods, including pottery, flint, stone, metalwork, glass, bone, fired clay and ceramic building material. Our specialists are equally at home providing rapid reporting on small groups of material as with dealing with nationally important assemblages of hundreds of thousands of artefacts.

Copper alloy figurine, possibly of Celtic deity, from Wimpole Hall, Cambridgeshire

Environmental Archaeology

Oxford Archaeology provides a comprehensive environmental archaeology service to clients and stakeholders, being able to provide initial project design, fieldwork sampling, sample processing, assessment, analysis, interpretation and reporting of floral and faunal material from small-scale evaluations to large multi-site excavations.

With dedicated facilities in each of our offices, our team of highly skilled specialists investigate past landscapes, ecologies and human activities through the study of plant remains (macrofossils and microfossils including pollen), animal remains, and the soils and sediments themselves, producing a range of reports and publications tailored to meet client expectations.

Bags of processed environmental samples