Meet Oxford Archaeology's Research Committee

Lindsay Allason-Jones OBE
Research Committee
Retired Director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Artefact Studies and Reader in Roman Material Culture, Newcastle University

Nick Barton
Research Committee
Professor and Lecturer in Palaeolithic Archaeology, University of Oxford

Martin Bell
Research Committee
Professor in Archaeological Science, University of Reading

John Blair
Research Committee
Professor of Medieval History and Archaeology, The Queen’s College, University of Oxford

Richard Bradley
Chair of Research Committee
Emeritus Professor of Archaeology, University of Reading, and Chair of the Research Committee

David Breeze OBE
Research Committee
Honorary Research Professor, University of Durham

Mark Bowden
Research Committee
Senior Investigator and Team Manager, Historic England

Anwen Cooper
Research Committee
Post-doctoral Research Assistant, EngLaId Project, University of Oxford

Chris Gosden
Chair of Trustees
Chair of European Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford

Helena Hamerow
Professor of Early Medieval Archaeology, University of Oxford

William Manning
Co-opted from the former Academic Panel
Emeritus Professor of Roman Archaeology, Cardiff University

Timothy Mowl
Co-opted from the former Academic Panel
Emeritus Professor of History of Architecture and Designed Landscapes, University of Bristol, and Professorial Research Fellow in the Humanities Research Institute, Buckingham University

Joshua Pollard
Research Committee
Reader in Archaeology, University of Southampton

Peter Salway
Co-opted from the former Academic Panel
Emeritus Professor of the History and Archaeology of Roman Britain, The Open University

Rick Schulting
Research Committee
Lecturer in Scientific and Prehistoric Archaeology, University of Oxford

Niall Sharples
Research Committee
Professor of Archaeology, Cardiff University

Barney Sloane
Research Committee
Head of Strategic Planning and Management, Historic England

Adrian Tindall
Consultant, Archaeological Risk Management

Gabor Thomas
Research Committee
Associate Professor in Early Medieval Archaeology, University of Reading

Peter Warry
Advisor to Trustees
Visiting Research Fellow, University of Reading, Honorary Fellow, University of Oxford

Jan Wills
Historic Environment Consultant and Chair of CIfA

Members of the Research Committee, with the Board of Trustees and CEO Gill Hey

Members of the Research Committe, with Trustees and CEO Gill Hey