Hinxton CopyHinxton: study of a landscape  Decades of archaeological investigation building a picture of life in a small Cambridgeshire village

IMG 2405 CopyRectory Farm, Godmanchester  Commissioned by Historic England to analyse important Roman remains

Tilty Abbey view of wall from inside west range Copy CopyTilty Abbey  Historic England funded research, creation of interpretation boards and community engagement

WorkingtonWorkington Early Medieval Cemetery  Analysis and publication of Early Medieval cemetery

CNba39mWIAEigw .jpg largeCNDR  Mesolithic/Neolithic transition flint assemblage, and wooden tridents

churchTrench Arch Drainage Survey  Work for Historic England assessing potential risk to remains

TrialsTrials Project  Assessing soil management techniques in preserving archaeological remains

AGRICO plate6 CopyAssessment of the Use of Agri-Environment Schemes  Identifying and protecting nationally important sites

Corsham CopyMOD Corsham  Investigating the secret defense complex

mograt 2 CopyMograt Island Archaeological Mission, Sudan  Working with Humboldt University to excavate tombs and fortresses