Oxford Archaeology has a proud tradition of delivering high-quality, academically-rigorous and stimulating research

OA’s research is typically commissioned by publicly-funded bodies, such as Historic England and the Environment Agency. This has included, among many other projects, research on the British Palaeolithic, a study of the impact of cultivation practices on buried archaeological remains, an investigation of the impact of peat removal and erosion on lowland wetlands, and a review to improve strategies for assessing the impact of environmental change on the historic environment.

OA also undertakes research as a fundamental element of commercial projects and actively seeks to collaborate with university-based researchers when this is appropriate. Our aims are routinely guided by research frameworks and project-specific questions that evolve in response to new discoveries and insights. OA co-ordinated the Solent-Thames Research Framework, and our staff have written chapters for and made important contributions to other framework documents across the country, including sitting on steering groups.

A Research Committee oversees and maintains OA’s intellectual integrity with particular regard to its published reports, including academic journal articles and major monograph publications, demonstrating OA’s determination to undertake and publish work of significant academic and intellectual value within an increasingly diverse archaeological environment.

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