To mark its 50th birthday, Oxford Archaeology has unveiled a new look. 

Oxford Arcaheology new logo device with two green tones and full company name

The old logo, with its circles and shades of blue and lilac, has now been updated to a more forward-looking device with shades of green that is better suited to a range of digital platforms and devices. 

Along with the new logo, the old office names (OA East, OA South and OA North) will no longer be used and we will now be known simply as Oxford Archaeology. Our regional offices will be referred to as the Lancaster office, the Cambridge office, and the Oxford office. 

The name of the organisation has changed over the 50 years of its existence from the Oxfordshire Archaeological Unit, to the Oxford Archaeological Unit, and finally to Oxford Archaeology (or Oxford Archaeology Ltd). When Lancaster University Archaeological Unit joined OA in 2001, it became Oxford Archaeology North, and the Oxford office became Oxford Archaeology South. Naturally, when CAM ARC joined in 2008, it became Oxford Archaeology East. However, it is now time for a new approach which is simpler and will better portray the identity of the company as a single entity with regional offices: close local links alongside national and international reach, and a long, proud history.

A new website accompanies the new branding and provides a new point of engagement between the Oxford Archaeology and the public.