3rd March 2017:

Today sees the opening of the ‘Artefacts and Influence: Objects in dialogue' exhibition at Arup’s Phase 2 Gallery in London. Ben Ford, Senior Project Manager at Oxford Archaeology (OA), attended a special preview of the exhibition, which has among its displays a flint object found by OA in Dagenham

Drawing on objects from a selection of Arup's conservation and heritage projects, the exhibition, which has been curated by Arup's Heritage team, explores the relationships between intangible assets and material objects, and illustrates aspects of human endeavour and enterprise that have left an impact on the world.

The exhibition includes a late Palaeolithic/early Mesolithic flint blade tool found during fieldwork by OA at Dagenham for the Beam Washlands flood alleviation and environmental enhancement project by the Environment Agency. The long blade, evidence of 12,000-year-old hunting activity, is juxtaposed with bottled drinks made from fruit foraged by the existing Dagenham community.

'Artefacts and Influence: Objects in dialogue' is a free public exhibition at Arup’s Phase 2 Gallery, 8 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 4BQ. Open 9-5 every weekday from Friday 3rd March - Friday 5th May 2017. Click here for more details.


Suzanna Joy of Arup’s Heritage Team (co-curator of the exhibition) and Ben Ford (OA Project Manager) in front of the 'Community' display