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The #fenspitfire excavation becomes more and more interesting! Having found the distinctive outline of the crater on Tuesday, today we continued to dig down into the crater, stepping it down gradually to meet Health and Saftety standards. On the way we are recovering interesting finds, whose locations are GPSed in before being passed to our Finds Team for finds processing and curation. Highlights include pieces of metal bodywork (see above), an ammunition round (see right), two sections of fuel tank, the engine starter motor, one of the flare chute doors, an aerial, and the cover for the pilot's headrest - the headrest itself having been also found late on Tuesday afternoon. We have also uncovered part of the cockpit, which had been broken purposefully by the rescue team in 1940 to recover the pilot. This, along with other planks used by the rescue team, is another sad reminder of Harold Penketh who lost his life in 1940.

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We are now about 2.5m down, and hope to uncover and lift the Merlin engine tomorrow. We continue to have incredible media interest - and will be on BBC Look East tonight, as well as on Forces TV and in many local and national newspapers. We welcomed local archaeologists and members of the public this afternoon, with queues to visit all along the adjacent road. If you would like to visit as a member of the public, you are welcome to come from 3-4pm on Thursday or Friday for a site tour at 3.30pm. We encourage you to arrive early, to avoid disappointment.


Above: 'Perce' Percival and archaeologist Project Officer Anthony Haskins examine some bodywork.

Right: 'Yoda' uncovers a round of ammunition.

You can find more photos of today's dig on our Flickr page.