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Machining to find the Great Fen Spitfire began today

The geophysical survey conducted in August by Cranfield University Forensic Institute revealed the location of the Spitfire in the field. We are taking the peat down in regular spits, metal detecting as we go and marking find spots with white flags. Each find is bagged separately, given a number, and its position (including height) marked with a GPS. Our aim is to build up a 3D picture of wreckage from the Spitfire, which will give us clues as to which angle it hit the ground.

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Volunteer metal detectorists from the Great Fen Archaeology Group, and injured servicemen from the Defence Archaeology Group who oversee Operation Nightingale have been metal detecting around the crash site identified by geophysics, to recover further Spitfire debris. So far this includes ammunition and scraps of aluminium. The finds are all being sorted and catalogued by Operation Nightingale in our Finds Tent.

You can find more photos of the excavation on our Flickr account.

Media interest in the excavation so far has been phenomenal, ranging from Radio 4 to Forces TV. Media are encouraged to visit the site on Wednesday or Thursday, booking in with the Wildlife Trust (see here). Local residents may visit the site from 3-4pm each evening this week (till Friday).