22nd January 2014:

Gerry Thacker, Senior Project Manager at OA South, will be speaking at the Surrey Archaeological Society's annual symposium in February about OA's exciting discoveries last year at Guildford Fire Station.

The excavation was notable in a number of ways, including for the uncovering of unexploded World War II ordnance, which had to be made safe and removed before the excavation could continue, but principally for the unexpected discovery of a scatter of flint tools dating to the Late Upper Palaeolithic period. The scatter comprised well-preserved long blades, scrapers and burins that had lain on a surface undisturbed for millennia, and represents a rare discovery of unparalleled significance in the region.

Since the discovery, experts have been assessing the flint along with other material, including associated plant remains, and attendees at the symposium will have a chance to hear about the preliminary findings. The symposium will be held on 28th February at the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, Ashtead. Click here for further details.