24th July 2013:

An evaluation trench dug along the route of the Bexhill-Hastings link road

Archaeologists from OA South began an excavation along the route of the Bexhill to Hastings link road in summer 2013. The fieldwork, which is continuing, has focused on areas of archaeological significance identified during earlier phases of trial-trench evaluation, test-pitting, fieldwalking and geophysical survey. The preliminary fieldwork uncovered Mesolithic and Neolithic flint scatters, traces of Iron Age to Roman settlement and iron-working, and evidence of Saxon and medieval activity, so expectations for interesting and important discoveries were high.

In the event, the work has yielded some remarkable evidence. On one of the most significant sites along the route, some 25 scatters of thousands of pieces of worked flint have been uncovered. These included two early Mesolithic scatters, as well as another containing long blades of probable terminal Upper Palaeolithic date. Three have been dated to the late Neolithic but the bulk appears to be of late Mesolithic date and relate to hunting activity along the edges of a salt water inlet.

The discoveries have attracted much media interest, including from the BBC News website. Click here to read the article

More information on the archaeological work can be found on the East Sussex County Council website, which includes a regular newsletter with news about the latest discoveries.