8th April 2013:

Visitors examine some of the many finds that have been recovered A view of the medieval cemetery

In early March, on perhaps the brightest, warmest and driest Saturday we have had this winter, OA staff, who have been excavating for the past six months in Longwall Quad at Magdalen College, opened the big wooden gates to let the public in to the site open day.

This was a unique opportunity to view the site and some of the best finds (including over 3000 18th-century wig-curlers), to read poster displays, and talk to the excavators, not only about the site but about life as a commercial archaeologist.

Some 600 people came through the gates during the four and a half hours that the site was open for. That's about two people per minute! All ages and many different nationalities came, as well as more familiar faces. Many left with a broad smile and very positive comments.