The Archaeology Legacy Project wants to connect young people with the archaeology on their doorstep and bring their studies alive through the wonder of archaeological discovery.

Oxford Archaeology are working with National Highways, one of the UK’s largest funders of development-led archaeology, to evaluate existing resources and design a new, digitally innovative educational package. Archaeology has a lot to teach us about the past, but it can also inform our future. From learning about how people in the past adapted to climate change, to how they interacted with other cultures through migration and trade.



To achieve this, we’re launching a public consultation.

The survey will run until Friday October 21st and can be completed by clicking here. The aim of this survey is to learn about educators’ needs and expectations from learning packages - particularly digital ones. We also want to understand the opportunities and barriers to incorporating archaeology in education. This survey is for anyone in a role where they are responsible for educating young people in a range of informal/formal education settings and roles.

We are also running several focus groups so we can explore these topics in more detail. For more information and to register interest, please contact Clemency and Jess at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Archaeology Legacy Project is funded by National Highways through their Designated Funds.