Thursday 16th July

Pupils in Year 9 from the Enrichment Group at Cheney School had the chance to carry out a geophysical survey in Oxford Preservation Trust's garden to help further the knowledge of the Greyfriars and Westgate buildings outside the new development area. They were also taken on a guided tour of St. Ebbes by Oxford City Council's Planning Archaeologist, David Radford. The Field Trip ended with an exclusive visit to the archaeological excavations of the Westgate Oxford project, where they were able to handle finds, meet the archaeologists and see the remains for themselves. Everyone enjoyed themselves and a great day was had by all involved. Thank you Cheney School for coming to visit us!

Cheney School surveying the garden of the Oxford Preservation Trust

Getting set up Starting off along the guide line Making progress Introducing geophysical survey to the group Roger explains the controls Setting up the survey grid with a prismatic square Everything looks odd through the prismatic square The Oxford Preservation Trusts garden is a great place to learn about geophysics 

Cheney School visiting the Westgate excavations

Ben tells the group about the site Ben talks passionately about the site to the group Handling a horse skull Handling animal bones Showing the waterlogged wood The group gets a great view of the site  

Ben Ford with the Cheney School Year 9 Enrichment group