The former airbase at RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire is of international significance owing to its role in the Cold War and the coherency of its landscape, particularly for the period from the 1960s to early 1970s. The airbase closed following the end of the Cold War and the site is now being redeveloped. The site is designated as a Conservation Area and many of the former airfield structures are now scheduled monuments or listed buildings.

For over 10 years OA has undertaken a series of investigations at the site to help inform the planning stages of the redevelopment. These included a Conservation Plan prepared in 2005, an Environmental Impact Assessment, and a further Conservation Management Plan. OA participated in a Planning Inquiry as an expert witness, and also created interpretation panels, recorded war art, and provided further consultancy regarding the ongoing redevelopment. The work has largely focused on the standing buildings, but it has also included assessments of potential buried archaeology and wider landscape issues.

In addition, OA has undertaken an extensive programme of historic building recording on over 150 buildings at the site prior to their demolition or alteration. This was undertaken as a condition of planning approval.