The archaeological study of deep sediment sequences is now often a requirement during the planning or mitigation stages of developments in river valleys, estuaries and coastal locations, where archaeological deposits may be deeply buried.

Our work locates, recovers and interprets evidence of past landscapes to establish the nature of man-made and natural buried sediments, predict their archaeological potential, and help to locate archaeological sites.

Oxford Archaeology is one of only a few archaeological practices in the country to provide a range of in-house geoarchaeological services. We undertake borehole, auger and testpitting surveys along with 3D deposit modelling. We work on a range of multi-period sites, from small developments to very large infrastructure schemes such as High Speed 1, Crossrail and Thameslink.


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Case study:

London Gateway Port and Commercial Centre

Image 2Deephams Sewage Treatment Works  Organic deposits from the Last Glacial Maximum