Our highly trained and qualified environmental specialists provide a comprehensive service, from project inception to publication, using botanical and faunal remains to reconstruct and interpret past environments, diets and economies.

Our in-house specialists include senior archaeobotanists and archaeozoologists experienced in the identification, assessment and analysis of charred and waterlogged plant macrofossils (including charcoal and wood), pollen, mammal, bird and fish bones, and terrestrial, freshwater and marine molluscs. We also have strong collaborative links with leading researchers for the analysis of additional palaeoenvironmental indicators such as insects, diatoms, ostracods and foraminifera.

Together with our geoarchaeologists, we can advise on sampling and interpreting archaeological deposits and sedimentary sequences, as well as scientific dating. With purpose-built facilities, we are able to conduct both in-house and on-site processing of environmental samples, the latter allowing rapid feedback during excavation as part of an iterative and integrated excavation strategy.

Our staff are available to give on- or off-site advice and provide lectures and workshops on any aspect of our work.


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