The techniques and the expertise to help you map and manage landscapes

The unimproved lands of Britain have some of the most remarkable archaeological landscapes, with the remains of all periods being exposed on the surface. These landscapes include wild uplands, designed parklands, woodlands, the lowland wetlands, the intertidal lands, and even urban landscapes, each preserving a unique perspective of our world.

Archaeological surveys are often undertaken to provide records for management purposes, but are also undertaken in advance of impacts such as woodland planting, windfarms and agricultural improvement, which can threaten some of our most valuable archaeological landscapes.

OA is a leader in landscape survey and research. We use the latest techniques, from LiDAR mapping, modern photogrammetric mapping using images taken from UAVs (drones), oblique aerial photography, GPS surveys, geophysical surveys, and the use of GIS to collate and analyse the landscapes.


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Case studies:

holwick2Holwick, County Durham The development of a remarkable landscape