Intangible cultural heritage

Intangible cultural heritage is passed on from generation to generation by individuals and communities and provides a sense of identity and place and continuity, while respecting cultural diversity and human creativity. In the modern world we often celebrate our cultural heritage through recreational events, exhibitions, museums, and visitor centres.  

OA has a long history, both in the UK and abroad, of supporting and collaborating with organisations and communities as they develop their cultural heritage for recreation and tourism. Working with our specialist partners, Touch TD, we help develop projects that audit assets and deliver research and tourism initiatives.

We have worked with others in the design and delivery of visitor centres and museums, and have installed numerous temporary or permanent educational exhibits, which have featured our bespoke graphics, information panels, and reconstructions, as well as curated objects. More recently we have created pop-up facilities used as part of travelling exhibitions.

Our expertise lies in taking raw data, putting it within its archaeological or historic context and bringing it to life through carefully crafted and evidence-based text and graphics.


Case studies

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