Buildings keep their history hidden: behind plaster, beneath floorboards, or in attics

Building investigation can inform the earliest stages of proposals to alter a building and lead to acceptable schemes to meet planning requirements. Building recording may be necessary before or during development to mitigate impact on historic fabric or structures, or be required as part of a Conservation Management Plan or application for Listed Building status or Scheduled Monument consent.

Oxford Archaeology has a long tradition of building investigation and recording, employing the widest rangeof archaeological techniques to produce informative and attractive illustrated studies.

We have investigated a remarkable range of buildings, among them medieval timber-framed houses, farm buildings, castles and forts, churches, country houses, royal palaces, and railway, industrial and defence buildings.

We have produced 3D models of some of the structures we have investigated. Click here to view them.


Case Studies:

GawthorpeGawthorpe Barn, Burnley  3D survey of an incredible post-medieval barn

Upper Heyford Airbase

Riley 1Temperance Billiard Hall  Uncovering the hidden past of a building

R00143143The Buttery Roofs, Hampton Court Palace

West Wycombe RoofsWest Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Dover Castle       Conservation management plan


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