Experts and innovators in commercial archaeology

Our archaeologists are among the best in the sector. We have worked on every type of archaeological project in Britain over the last 45 years. Oxford Archaeology has the experience for every project, big or small, complex or straightforward. We are constantly seeking to innovate and improve in order to ensure that the service we deliver offers maximum value to our clients.

We understand that developers need commercially aware archaeologists who can provide solutions to their business needs. We understand the need to manage budgets and timetables, and the need to minimise the effects of unexpected discoveries. As members of your design team we will give you realistic support and advice from the earliest stages of your project. Our experts will work with you to reduce the risks and manage costs.

Our field teams have the expertise to tackle all types of site. And we have an unrivalled record of delivering the reports that ensure that the planning authority will be happy to discharge your archaeological conditions.



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